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Terms and Conditions

* This Application for Membership of NextLevel Vacation Club, (hereinafter referred to as NLVC) is made by the person or persons named above on the date of submission between NextLevel Vacation Club (hereinafter referred to as the Company) whose principal place of business is 4831 Tillinghast Ct., Mason, Ohio, and the applicant or applicants named above (hereinafter referred to as the Applicant.)

* On acceptance the Applicant shall have the right to membership of NextLevel Vacation Club for a term of 12 to 60 months from the date the access password is delivered to the Applicant.

* The Applicant agrees to pay US$ 149.00 for a 12 month Silver membership, $295 for a 36 month Gold membership or $495 for a 60 month Platinum membership. All payments shall be made to NextLevel Vacation Club and paid in full before the access password is issued.

* The Company warrants there are no additional fees with the exception of the cost for vacations, travel or concierge services booked during the term of the membership.

* Membership can be renewed on expiration of the initial term at the prevailing fee at the time of expiration.

* The Applicant confirms they have read the terms and conditions of membership set out by NextLevel Vacation Club and displayed in printable format on the website of the Company and in particular but not limited to:

* Reservations can be made on behalf of extended family and friends by paying a guest fee of $49.

* All booking requests are subject to availability.

* All reservations are on a first come first served basis.

* Prices quoted for resort vacations are for accommodation only. Unless otherwise stated.

* Reservations cannot be resold for commercial purposes unless an agreement is reached in writing with NextLevel Vacations.

* All reservation request shall be made through NLVC.

* All Inclusive fees and airfare are not included in the price of the standard vacation package.

* Not all available accommodations can be displayed on the web site of NLVC and the Applicant is required to contact a vacation consultant at NLVC to arrange a booking.

* This application represents the entire agreement between the parties and no reliance should be placed on any other representations unless confirmed in writing and agreed to by all the parties.

* Following acceptance by the Company, membership to NLVC begins on delivery of the access password to the Applicant.

* You accept and acknowledge that the Company shall not be required to accept your application for Membership in NextLevel Vacation Club and that the decision to accept your application is at the absolute discretion of NLVC.

* The application is made at the principal place of business of the Company and as such the validity and performance of this application for membership shall in all respects be governed by the laws of Ohio.

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