The place (Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club) was very nice and the food was excellent except for the buffet on Saturday night, but the rest of the meals made up for it. Talking to the some of the other guests, they said the resort was really first class and you have to get use to the different style of cooking. They said one of the examples that made this a first class resort was the top shelf liquor that was available at the VIP bars. They said many resorts don't offer this. We had a great time and would be happy to discuss this further with you if you should so desire. Thanks for everything.
Jay K.10/12/2009

Yes, both Kate and I loved our vacation to the Canary Islands. It was a wonderful experience. The resort in Gran Canary was excellent. We especially enjoyed the pool, and it was easy to get around from there. The resort, of course, provided all the info for the various excursions, day trips, events, etc and we took advantage of several. We really loved one of the day excursions by boat which took us up the southwestern coast near the port of Mogan. In fact, we loved it so much that we went back again on our last full day! We also took a bus tour that allowed us to explore the central and northern parts of the island. And of course, we had to take a camel ride!!
Lisa C. - 9/28/2009

We had an amazing trip and are talking about going back! Thank you so much for all of your effort to help make this trip a reality for us. I would definitely like to use your services in the future for another overseas trip. It's been years since I traveled out of the country, and this trip was a major reminder for me to make it a priority whenever possible!!
Lisa C. - 9/28/2009

You're awesome! And, so is Theresa. I explained to our client that THIS is another example for why our charity clients choose to work with us and our vendors - killer customer service. I've had to do similar things in the past and generally end up with VERY positive results. Good work.
Corinne F. - 9/2/2009

I wanted to say thanks for a wonderful vacation. We had a great time and the resort was incredible. I know we might have had an abnormal rate but we are interested in more trips. This being said what would a typical trip like this cost us in the future? Thanks again.
Drew M. - 7/29/2009

Many, Many thanks for all that you did to provide my husband and myself with one of the best vacations we have ever had. In spite of the weather which you have no control over, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We had a week of good food, a room that fit our needs and staff at the facility that was above and beyond what one would expect. The Dominican Republic trip was truly a fun, memorable time and we appreciate all that you did. VIP status is worth it when one can lie on beach beds and have service at ones finger-tips. GREAT food, great service, and great accommodations make for one fun, memorable vacation. Thanks for everything and we look forward to our next trip to the Dominican. Sincerely:
Ken and Joan V. - 4/29/2009

The trip was fabulous and the Lifestyle Holidays resort was the best resort experience I've ever had. Thanks for all your help.
Jeanne B. - 3/24/2009

Everyone has returned and in talking with the girls and looking at their pictures it is obvious they had a great time. We really enjoyed the VIP section of the resort. As a matter of fact they enjoyed it so much thinking about the property for the break between Christmas and New Years if it were available - potential of 6 couples. Thanks again for your consideration of on the upgrade cost - not a lot of money but an indication you run the type of business that does the right thing. Thanks,
Bob U. 3/22/2009

We just returned home last night. We had a really nice time. The resort is lovely and well maintained. The food was plentiful, with many choices. I tried many new dishes.
Kathleen F. 3/17/2009

Theresa, thanks so much again. We had a wonderful time, the negative experience with this company didn't dampen that at all! You did a wonderful job with all this and I want to let you know how much my daughter and I appreciate it! Thanks!
Randy 3/15/2009

I wanted to thank you so much for allowing us to go to Lifestyles in the Dominican Republic. We had a wonderful, relaxing trip and a lot of great family time. Our girls loved having the pool and their own room to sleep in also. It is a beautiful resort and Ocean World will be a special memory for a long time! -
Jennifer & Jeff S. 11/26/07

Thank you so very much for your patience and help with all of our trips purchased on consignment through you, but especially with this trip. We are all very happy to see Eileen find the trip that she wants, and your help is what made the difference! I can't thank you enough. It has been a great pleasure to work with you on the various trips we offered this year. When we start to plan next year's auction, I will definitely be looking for the trips offered through Next Level Vacations when selecting trips to purchase on consignment, simply because of our wonderful experience working with you. Take care -
Diane G.

I want to start out by complementing you on everything you did for us. We wound up with the larger Villa, and that was a very nice place to stay! The golf cart really came in handy, as big of property that it sits on! Well worth the money! The airport pick-up and drop-off went flawless. So everything you did personally I just want to thank you again!!
Charlie B. - Las Vegas (ACT) 4/22/08

The stay was nothing short of awesome! Everything was great and we had an absolutely fantastic time. Again, the villa and accommodations were really wonderful and this was a great way for very close friends who are now living very far apart from each other to get together for a vacation. -
Linda K.

The trip was wonderful, thank you so very much!!! We had a blast. So relaxing. I don't know that I've slept that much in ages! And the best part was … I accidentally dropped my blackberry in the water while I was getting a pedicure the night before we left. It stopped working a day and a half into the trip. That forced me to relax and not work! -
Sonja S. 5/2008

The Trip was Great! Thanks for everything! They had U2 play at the new years party! -
Josh H. 12/2008

NextLevel Vacations provides a special mix of corporate know-how and old-fashioned attention to providing a service that satisfies his customer. It's his personal, 1:1 attention and committment to making my trip and my stay pleasant, relaxing, and complication-free that I appreciated most. Everything was as he promised, and therefore - it was as my wife and I expected. The ultimate test however, of satisfaction in his service, is the response to the question, "Would you entrust your vacation plans to "NextLevel Vacations" again"? My answer is, "absolutely, without a doubt"!" -
Doug S. December 31, 2008

Thanks for the nice vacation. The villa was awesome. If the food was better it would be a dream vacation.-
Steve H. 1/2009

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