Q: Who is NextLevel Vacations?

A:  We are a company focused on helping your average family or vacationer experience the nicer types of accommodations in the Travel & Leisure field. We provide high value with no compromise in quality of accommodations.  NextLevel Vacations is a leader in the industry in this respect.  We are perhaps one of the only vacation wholesalers who provides hotel, condo and private villa vacations accommodations.  Back to Top

Q:  How do I book a vacation?

A:  You can utilize our Online Reservations via the "Online Reservations" drop down menu on the top left of our home page to book hotels, cars, flights, and cruises.  You can also contact us directly via telephone at 513.573.9012 or at 513.470.4557.  We can also be reached via email at berrece@nextlevelvacations.com.  If you are interested in booking a resort or cruise, we encourage you to contact us directly, as we can provide you with more personalized service and also explore any specials that may be available.Back to Top

Q:  Do I really need travel insurance?

A: In short, yes.  A basic travel insurance policy is not costly and in extreme circumstances, can equate to long term savings. It's the one thing you pay for that you don't want to have to use!  Most people purchase travel insurance to protect their possessions, however, the real value lies in the medical coverage.  Insurance ensures that no matter what happens to you while you are traveling, your medical costs will be covered.  Be sure to review the policy carefully and ask any questions you may have.  You can get travel insurance through NextLevel Vacations. (link to travel insurance)Back to Top

Q:  Are the villa rates per person or for the entire villa?

A:  Our rates are for the entire villa, but there can be no parties, weddings or large gatherings allowed in the villas without written permission. Villas may not be occupied by more guests than specified in the rental contract.  Rates are based on occupancy and additional fees may apply.  Back to Top

Q: What is the required length of stay?

A:  NextLevel pricing is based on a 7 night stay. Back to Top

Q: What does all inclusive mean?

A: All Inclusive typically means that all your meals and drinks are included in the price.Back to Top

Q: Is the All Inclusive optional?

A: The all inclusive can be optional at some resorts. The All Inclusive is mandatory at our Lifestyle Holidays Resort in the Dominican Republic.Back to Top

Q: Does a weekly rental always start on the same day each week?

A: Check in dates can vary depending on the resort. Check-in dates are normally Saturday or Sunday for resort hotels and condos. In the Dominican Republic, you can arrive on any day of the week, as long as the type of accommodation you’re looking for is available.  Back to Top

Q: When is In Season and Off Season?

A: In the Caribbean, 'In Season' (also known as Winter and High Season) begins in mid-December and lasts until mid-April. The lower rates of 'Off Season' (Summer or Low Season) take effect until mid-December. We will reconfirm this upon your inquiry, as there are a few exceptions. In Europe the opposite is true, with July and August being "peak" season.Back to Top

Q: Do we have to pay full rent if we book a villa with more bedrooms than we need?

A: Not necessarily. Villas can be rented at a reduced rate when you do not use all the bedrooms. This pricing is exceptional and will be discussed at the time of your reservation. Back to Top

Q: If we do not book all the bedrooms in a villa will someone else (i.e. strangers) be using those bedrooms and sharing the house?

A: Absolutely not. You are renting the entire villa and you never have to share a villa with anyone other than those in your party. Back to Top

Q: Is a villa a good idea for a honeymoon?

A: It's an exceptional idea and a great value. Villas are private and spacious. The villas also come with maid service so all you’ll have to do is enjoy yourself with while experiencing exceptional service including daily maid service, daily breakfast in the villa, all-inclusive food and drinks, daily private pool service, daily gardener service, and 24 hour security.Back to Top

Q: Aren't villas more expensive than a hotel?

A: As you explore the villas we think you'll see that many villas are often much less than prices at hotels of the same quality standard. When you factor in all the benefits and amenities of a private villa, you'll quickly realize that villas offer a superb value. (Remember to compare rates per room/ per night). Back to Top

Q: Do all of your villas include staff personnel?

A: Yes. All villas come with daily maid service, daily breakfast in the villa, all-inclusive food and drinks, daily private pool service, daily gardener service, and 24 hour security.  Other cook services can be arranged at additional cost. Spa services can also be arranged in the villa.Back to Top

Q: What is your deposit and cancellation policy?

A: Cancellation penalties can differ broadly from destination to destination.  Generally speaking the minimum cancellation penalties are as follows: all cancellations are subject to a minimum charge of $100 per person for resort hotels, $150 for condos and $200 per person for Villas. Cancellations received 90 days or less prior to departure are Refunded at $50% of the sale price. We strongly urge you to take TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE which is available through NextLevel Vacations.  Christmas and Thanksgiving bookings are also non-refundable. Please check at point of booking for exact cancellation penalties for your rentalBack to Top

Q: Are children welcome in all the rentals.

A: Yes.Back to Top

Q: Will I need a passport?

A: By January, 2007, all traveling Americans returning to the United States will be required to have a valid U.S. Passport.  Going forward, a Passport will be required for U.S. Citizens who travel by air and sea to and from the Caribbean, Bermuda, Central and South America, Canada and Mexico. Subsequently, Passports or other accepted travel documents will also be required for U.S. land border crossings to and from Canada or Mexico. Without a Passport, you will not be able to travel outside of the U.S. - including cruise travel. In addition, after the implementation date, cruise vacationers who arrive at the Port to embark on a cruise without a valid Passport, will not be permitted to board the ship.
Important reasons to get your Passport now: 

  • Avoid the rush and the possibility of not being able to travel where and when you wish without a passport.
  • Future travel to the Caribbean, Bermuda, Central and South America, Canada and Mexico will require a passport to re-enter the U.S. 
  • A Passport can open the doors to travel you may not have considered before, such as cruising in Europe, Australia and Asia. And a Passport will also be required to visit our neighbor countries of Canada and Mexico.
  • Considering that a Passport is valid for ten years, the cost is minimal ($97 for a new Passport and $67 for a renewal). If you take two vacations per year, the initial cost of your passport per vacation is less than a frozen drink with an umbrella at the pool.
  • Even with a confirmed booking for travel abroad, you will be denied boarding if you do not possess a valid Passport.
  • And finally, a U.S. Passport is easy to obtain by visiting one of the 6,000 Passport acceptance facilities across the U.S.
Back to Top

For more information about applying for a Passport, U.S. Citizens may visit http://www.travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html or call the National Passport Information Center toll free at 1-877-487-2778 or TDD/TYY: 1-888-874-7793. Foreign Nationals should contact their respective governments to obtain details regarding current Passports requirements and application procedures.

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